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Applying for housing


How to apply for rented housing

We are part of the Scottish Housing Options (SHOP) housing register, along with Bield and Trust housing associations.  To apply for housing with us, you must do so through the SHOP housing register.


To do this, you should fill out an application form to apply for our housing. You can download copies of this, along with other related information, from this page.  These files are large and therefore may take a short time to download.  You can also contact any of our area offices to ask us to send you a paper copy of these forms. 


When you have filled the application forms in, return it to any of our offices.


You only need to fill in one application pack to apply for housing with Hanover, Bield or Trust housing associations.  So, if you've already filled in and sent back an application to Bield or Trust you do not need to fill in another one.


You may qualify for benefits to help you with the cost of renting one of our properties. The Government has a useful online benefits calculator that can help you find what you may be entitled to.  


 Download the Guidance Notes (pdf, 171kb)

It's worth reading these Guidance Notes before filling out the application form as they will help you fill out the application form more easily. 


 Download the List of Developments (pdf, 293kb)

This list details all the housing developments managed by Hanover, Bield and Trust Housing Associations and helps you choose which housing you'd like to apply for if you haven't yet made your mind up.


 Download the Equal Opportunities Form (pdf, 62kb)

We operate equal opportunities policies to ensure no one is treated differently on grounds of their race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, sexuality, gender, disability or any other personal belief or situation. To help us to monitor these policies, we ask all applicants to to complete this simple questionnaire. 


 Download the Application Form (pdf, 118kb)

Fill out all the information you can and return it to any of our area offices.  If you have any questions or queries contact any of our area offices who can help you complete your application.



How to purchase housing for sale


We build and manage owner-occupied housing across Scotland.  We do not market the properties ourselves and you cannot purchase these properties through our website, although some sellers do advertise their properties on this website.   


We recommend you contact a solicitor or estate agent if you are interested in purchasing a retirement property.