Cleddens Court

Sheltered Housing - Wester Cleddens Road, Bishopbriggs, G64 2DR

It is is situated at Wester Cleddens Road, Bishopbriggs. The local shops and Post Office are situated nearby.

Cleddens Court, Wester Cleddens Rd, Bishopbriggs, Glasgow, G64 2DR
Tele No: 0141 762 4704


This owner occupied sheltered housing development was built by Whatlings in 1984.


It is is situated at Wester Cleddens Road, Bishopbriggs. The local shops and Post Office are situated nearby.

Size of Scheme

The development comprises 34 flats on 3 levels served by a lift.
24 X 2 person 2 partment flats
9 X 4 person 3 apartment flats
1 X 5 person 4 apartment flat.


The sheltered housing manager is non resident.

Sheltered housing management staff are available to help in an emergency and to provide advice, assistance and support to residents. They are responsible for delivering a range of housing management and housing support services. These include daily administration of the scheme, supervising the cleaning of the common areas of the development, and liaising with contractors. They will, when on duty, provide you with a daily call. The staff will respect your independence; however they will liaise with medical practitioners, nursing services, the local authority social work department and voluntary, private and other care providers on your behalf if necessary. Sheltered housing manager staff do not provide nursing and domestic services, for example, cooking meals or doing shopping for residents.

Staff cannot take the place of your own family, home carers or other services. They cannot become involved in personal or other relationships with tenants beyond the professional requirements of the services they provide.

Staff are on duty as follows:
Monday - Friday 9.00am to 12.00pm

The normal working hours of the sheltered housing manager and, where applicable, the assistant sheltered housing manager are displayed on the development. Hanover will strive wherever possible to maintain these hours. However, there may be circumstances in which it is not possible to have a staff presence on the development at all such times. The stated hours are therefore indicative only and are not guaranteed.
To ensure that 24 hour cover is maintained at the development, the community alarm service is available and fully briefed during periods when staff fluctuations may occur.

Housing Officer

The housing officer acts as the main contact between the area office and the residents. He/she visits the development regularly and is available to residents who may wish to discuss housing related or personal matters. If you wish to be visited at home by the housing officer you can make the necessary arrangements by contacting the sheltered housing manager or the area administrative officer at area office.

Heating and Hot Water

Electric storage heaters heat the development, and white meter immersion heaters supply hot water. The flats are individually metered and residents are responsible to the Electricity Board for payment of all bills.

Electricity Charges

All flats are individually metered and each tenant is responsible for payment of their own bills to their electricity provider.

Cooking Arrangements

There are facilities in the properties for cooking by electricty only. Residents must supply their own cookers and have them installed by an authorised installer.

Guest Bedroom

These are best described as "communal second bedrooms" which residents can book up to two months in advance for friends and family who are visiting them. A small charge is made for the use of the guest bedroom to offset the cost of heating and laundering of bedlinen. Its priority use is for friends and family staying to support a tenant during any illness.

Alarm System

All properties on the development are fitted with an alarm system, which allows residents to summon help in an emergency.
It enables residents to make immediate contact with the sheltered housing manager or in their absence with the alarm control centre.
A pull cord to activate the alarm is situated in every room. Advice on how to use the alarm system will be given to every resident when they move in.


When a resident moves into their new home emergency contact information will be requested. This includes the name, address and phone number of anyone who holds a key to their home and could be contacted should the need arise. Please note that this could be at any time. However the call centre would not contact your keyholder(s) during the night unless it appeared to be a genuine emergency situation.
Named keyholders will receive a letter from the association providing them with further information on what it means to be a keyholder.

TV Aerial

A communal aerial is provided, with a socket in every living room, therefore an individual aerial is not necessary.


The Association has a block insurance policy which covers the fabric of the buildings and landlord’s contents. Residents should ensure that they make adequate arrangements to insure their household contents and personal possessions.



The Association maintains, through the Service Charge, all the grassed and planted areas in the development. However, should anyone wish to have a small plot for gardening it may be possible to arrange this.


Hanover has no objection to a resident bringing one well behaved pet, subject to the Association’s prior written permission, but ask that residents seek special permission should they wish to keep more than one pet. Where a tenant has a dog, the animal should be exercised outwith the area of the development. No dogs should be allowed to foul the garden area, pathways or car parking areas.

Services Charge

There is a charge of £136.00 per flat per calendar month for the financial year 2014/15 to cover a number of items including the cost of the sheltered housing manager service, garden maintenance, cleaning of communal windows, stairs and passageways and the running of the guest suite etc. The Service Charge is reviewed annually in April.

Council Tax

Residents are responsible for paying their own council tax to East Dunbartonshire Council.

Housing Support Charges

Included in the service charge are tasks which are considered to be housing support.
This sum is the cost to the Association of providing the housing support element of the housing service. It includes items such as the security system in the development, the community alarm service, staffing and the cost of the being registered with Social Care and Social Work Improvement Scotland (the organisation which regulates and inspects housing support services).

Other Costs

You should be aware that legal costs will be incurred when a property is bought. A fee for a current valuation will also be incurred when the property is sold.

Deed of Conditions

Prospective purchasers should note that there are Deeds of Conditions in force for all owner occupied developments managed by the Association. Deeds are important documents, which details the rights and responsibilities of each owner and the Association.
Please ensure that you read the Deed for the development you are interested in, or consult your solicitor about the Deed prior to purchasing the property.

Annual Property Council Meeting

It is a requirement of the Deed of Conditions that Hanover (Scotland) Housing Association Ltd as factors / managers of the development will be required to call a meeting, known as the Property Council Meeting, each year to which all residents will be invited. There will be a report on the previous financial year’s Service Charge Revenue Account (Income and Expenditure) and the budget figures for the current financial year. Relevant development business can also be raised and discussed.

Liaison and Consultation

It is the Association’s policy to consult residents on significant matters which might arise. Hanover will do this in a variety of ways, including writing to residents, visiting residents to discuss the matters and/or call further development meetings if required.

About Hanover

Hanover (Scotland) Housing Association Ltd was formed in 1979 and is now firmly established as one of the most respected providers of housing and related services for older people in Scotland. It is a Scottish charity and is run by a Committee of Management comprising up to 15 voluntary members. The Association is registered with The Scottish Housing Regulator as a social landlord.

Hanover's aim is to:

“provide a range of affordable housing and a choice of related services to enable people to have as full and independent lives as possible in their own homes.”

Hanover specialises in the development and management of purpose built housing for older people and most of its housing is sheltered housing. As well as sheltered housing the Association also provides amenity housing for less frail older people, very sheltered housing and housing with care for frailer older people and general needs housing for families and single people.

If you would like further information about the development or would like to apply for an Association property please contact West Area Office on 0141 553 6300.