"We are from this area and it's very nice to still live here. We get on very well with our neighbours."

Resident, Craiglockhart, Edinburgh



Factoring - Frequently asked questions


Find out how to change to your managing agent and learn more about Hanover's factoring service for retired owner occupiers.


Who are we?

We are a registered charity providing management and support services to residents in owner occupied and rented accommodation across Scotland.  We're Scotland's largest not-for-profit provider of factoring and management services to owner occupiers in retirement accommodation and have an excellent track record of establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with service users. Find out more about us here.

How do I change my factoring or managing agent?

Your development will probably have a Deed of Conditions. This sets out your rights and obligations as an owner, and will include provisions for appointing and dismissing a managing agent (sometimes referred to as a factor).  A majority of owners on a development can decide to appoint or dismiss a managing agent. 


We'd be more than happy to examine your Deed of Conditions and discuss the possibilities of becoming a managing agent. However remember that in order to obtain advice on the status of a Deed of Conditions, you should consult a solicitor. 

What terms would Hanover accept appointment on?

At most developments we manage, a Management Agreement is in place.  This is a contract, agreed between owners on the development and Hanover. 

These agreements are derived from a model agreement we have developed which we believe reflects modern day best practice and professional standards.  Of course, any appointment rests on the agreement of development owners and so we're more than happy and willing to discuss modifying these terms if required.  Typically, Management Agreements run for a three-year period, although some developments have appointed us for five-year terms.

We'd be happy to give you a specimen draft agreement so you can discuss it at your owners' association or committee.

Is Hanover a reputable service provider?

We're regulated by the Office of the Scottish Charities Regulator, the Care Commission and the Scottish Housing Regulator.  You can read our full audited accounts at any time.  We regularly commission an independent customer satisfaction survey and this allows us to identify any areas of improvement and take action to make these improvements. The results of a recent survey gave us high ratings in all aspects of our services.

What kinds of services do Hanover provide?

Of course, like any other factoring agent we manage all the common parts of your development, including grounds and gardens.  Our flexible approach to the different needs of different housing developments also means we can tailor our service to suit exactly what you are looking for.

But in addition, our specialist knowledge of the specific needs of older people means we can provide a range of extra services that other factors cannot offer, including what is known as a housing support service (as described under the Regulation of Care (Scotland) Act 2001).  This involves various components aimed at helping residents maintain their independence in their homes. It include things like: 


  • general counselling and support;


  • helping with security and safety;


  • arranging property adaptations to help maintain independence;


  • assisting with neighbour relationships and disputes;


  • providing an emergency alarm system; and


  • other similar services. 

We also run a high quality telecare service called Hanover Telecare.  Hanover Telecare provides a round-the-clock, 365-days-a-year emergency alarm monitoring service which is activated by a range of easy-to-use equipment in your home or on your person.

We also run a Care at Home service in the Edinburgh area. Care at Home assists with personal care like administering medication, bathing and dressing and meals provision, as well as domestic tasks such as laundry, home cleaning, shopping and similar tasks.

Could I see Hanover's service in action?

We'd be pleased to arrange for owners at a development to visit one of the developments we currently manage, as near possible to where you live and at a time convenient for you.


If Hanover were to become our managing agents, what contact would there be between Hanover and me?

If you have a development manager (sometimes known as a house manager or a warden) who works on your development, it's likely that they could transfer their employment to us,  if that is what all relevant parties wanted.  This person would then become the day-to-day contact for enquiries. However, our office and supervisory staff

maintain a programme of development visits to meet residents and check that everything is well.  Our senior management team can all be contacted directly during office hours.  There are owners' forums twice a year, usually held in Edinburgh and Glasgow, where we discuss policies and procedures and invite owners' suggestions. We also regularly communicate with owners using our service via our popular quarterly newsletter and through other communications as and when required.

What information would Hanover routinely supply?

We routinely present an annual draft budget to owners to discuss and approve and we also provide an annual financial statement for your development. This shows money held in trust for the development owners and details of income and expenditure. 

We prepare a long-term maintenance plan, anticipating future major repairs and planning routine maintenance to help maximise the value of your property.  We include a five-year projection of planned maintenance with the annual budget statement.  Owners are usually asked to delegate authority to us to spend development funds on an agreed programme of maintenance up to a financial limit,  which we agree in advance with you.  Above that, we would seekyour permission to commit available funds to emergency repairs should this be necessary.

Does Hanover operate to a set of predetermined policies?

We maintain a range of robust, and stringent policies and procedures governing all aspects of our services.  We regularly review these and invite with owners’ representatives through the forum meetings mentioned above.

Can I contact someone to discuss my enquiry?

Of course.  We'd be pleased to hear from you and to discuss matters confidentially, informally and without any obligation.  For more information contact our Director of Housing & Care Services at our Head Office