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Lone worker support

You have a legal responsibility to protect your employees


If your employees work on their own - out of the office and out of contact - you have a legal responsibility to ensure their safety.  Lone workers typically operate over a wide geographic area away from the main office premises. Whilst you cannot continuously supervise them, you can ensure that they have effective communications to support them. 


Hanover Telecare provides a range of affordable technical solutions to support lone workers and increase safety, including location monitoring technology and internet mapping tools. 


We can also help you undertake an initial risk assessment to highlight any areas of weakness before identifying how to remove or reduce the risks. 

Following the risk assessment, we assist you in identifying the best way to monitor your lone workers through our control centres, manned by highly skilled and trained advisors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   


Email businessenquiries@hsha.org.uk or call 0131 557 7465 to find out more.